Nolan is a happy, determined boy who loves to laugh and brings great joy to those around him. Nolan loves playing with bubbles, balls and, as of recently, loves to dance! He is a curious boy who enjoys exploring the world around him. Nolan has a smile that will light up the room and his belly laugh is contagious. 


Nolan first showed signs of developmental delay at a very young age, as he was not responding as expected socially and was delayed in holding his head up and sitting independently. He was diagnosed with hypotonia around 11 months old and has been in a variety of therapies to help him reach his milestones. The cause of the hypotonia was unclear and genetic testing was recommended. When Nolan was 20 months old, he had microarray genetic testing which identified a SHANK2 variant. He was then diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 22 months old. Nolan’s social development and communication have been slower than expected – he is not yet speaking and his babbling is minimal. Nolan started walking around 21 months old and has been on the move and very active since! Nolan is a curious boy who loves to explore the world around him.