Joey is a very loving and happy little boy. When he was just 2 years old he was diagnosed with Autism. He had delays in his speech and was just starting to take an interest in walking. When the doctors mentioned Autism, the strong motherly instinct kicked in and I knew there was something else going on. After many months of searching and pleading with doctors, they finally agreed to do an extensive genetic test which showed a positive result for Shank2. Joey was the first child ever diagnosed with Shank2 at Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Delaware. Although it was frustrating to receive such an unusual diagnosis, it was a relief to finally have some real answers. Joey started daycare and received Early Intervention. The combination of the two helped his social skills and verbal skills but he was only reaching milestones of a child one year younger than him.


Joey is now four years old. He loves to go on road trips, play with tractors, dance and play with his friends in the pool. He still has significant speech delays as he can only put 2-3 words together. He struggles with comprehending multiple given tasks and will easily get frustrated. Physically he has some issues with coordination but loves to run, jump and climb on just about
everything. Joey loves all people and interaction with people. Upon meeting him, no one would ever notice any differences. He will talk your ear off but in his own gibberish language. Joey will always have deficits. To what extent, only time will tell.