Chloe lives with her mom, Jessica, her dad, Jamie, and her sister, Callie, in the Spring Hill community south of Nashville, Tennessee. Chloe has been diagnosed with a de novo SHANK2 variant but it hasn’t stopped her from being an active member of her community.  Chloe participates in inclusion activities at school, such as cheerleading, attends the Scott Hamilton’s All Stars Skating Academy and competes for The Vanderbilt Champs triathlon team throughout Tennessee. Chloe’s family has pursued ways to make a positive impact on the SHANK2 community and raise awareness for SHANK2 research. Jessica runs a monthly moms’ group for local parents with children who are on the autism spectrum where she encourages advocacy within the community. In 2017, Jessica spoke in front of Tennessee lobbyists to help advocate for the Katie Beckett Program in her state. The program has since been approved. Through Jessica’s advocacy and perseverance Chloe has been able to participate in any activity she puts her mind to.